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Wear your AFA pin every time you fly. "This is one of the most powerful ways you can demonstrate your commitment to yourself and fellow Flight Attendants as a unified force in negotiations with management." Send a message to everyone that we are dedicated to achieving a new Contract.

2021 Contract Negotiations News

Supplemental Survey Explained

May 7, 2021

In early 2020, shortly after the Contract 2021 survey closed, our way of life, as we knew it changed. The COVID-19 pandemic created what may be the greatest single crisis that many of us have ever faced during the course of our career.  With so much upheaval to our lives and careers, we want to […]

Negotiations News – March 12, 2020 Edition

March 12, 2020

Contract 2021 Negotiations News is your official negotiations news source. Get your news first, and from the source you can trust, Negotiations News. INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Contract Negotiations Commence in August 2020 With the Early Opener Provision Flight Attendant Survey Concludes New Negotiations WebsiteCLICK HERE to read this edition of Negotiations News.  

" Now that we are ONE single workforce under ONE contract, we finally must have the necessary solidarity to prove to management that the negotiating committee is not alone – the Negotiation Committee is the voice of over 25, 000 United Flight Attendants: That is where all Union's strength lies! In our locking of arms"

Cari Kershaw, AFA Council 11 Member

" I am excited about the upcoming Listening Tour because this is the first time we get to decide our future as a unified group. Nothing is stronger than a united work force and I am ready to fight for what we deserve. I am looking forward to hearing and sharing the views and thoughts of my fellow AFA Members as we go forward. "

Heidi Spinner, AFA Council 8 Member

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