Negotiations Timeline II

August 28, 2021

Contract Amendable Date

Our Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement became effective on August 28, 2016, with a five-year duration resulting in an August 28, 2021, amendable date. 

Under the Railway Labor Act, contracts never expire, they become amendable. Contracts remain in effect in full force beyond the amendable date until a new Tentative Agreement is ratified by the Membership.

In our contract we have the ability to commence negotiations one year prior to our amendable date, August of 2020.

May 2021

UNH Supplemental Survey Released

To be sure we are most accurately capturing the priorities of our current Flight Attendant population, we will again conduct a survey to guide us in preparing for negotiations. By conducting this survey, we’ll ensure that the results, and thus our priorities, from the survey conducted in 2020 remain valid and guide us as we continue to prepare for negotiations.

February 2020

Listening Tour and Flight Attendant Negotiations Survey Continues

In determining the collective priorities of more than 25,000 United Flight Attendants, it is imperative that every Member participates in this Survey. Please reach out and remind your friends and Flying Partners to take this very important survey.

As a reminder the Flight Attendant Negotiations Survey will run in conjunction with the Listening Tour, beginning January 20 through March 6, 2020.


See Listening Tour Calendar of Events

January 2020

Listening Tour and Negotiations Survey

The Contract 2021 Listening Tour primary purpose is to meet with the Members and Representatives at each location where Flight Attendants are based and LISTEN to our Members’ aspirations and priorities for the upcoming negotiations. 

The Flight Attendant Negotiations Survey will run in conjunction with the Listening Tour, beginning January 20 through March 6, 2020.

See Listening Tour Event Calendar

December 2019

Launch of New Negotiations Website

New United Negotiations website is launched to provide Members a dedicated and user-friendly location to learn about negotiations and stay up to date.

November 2019

InfoRep Trainings Began

Negotiations Support Coordinator, Adam Novish developed and began implementing a training program at ten locations across the system for our Negotiations Support Activists, who will be known as InfoReps.

This initial training began the process of building a structure to support our efforts at the table and build our power in negotiations.

October 2019

Negotiations Training for Master Executive Council, Local Executive Council and Master Executive Council Committees

The Negotiating Committee conducted Negotiations training for all Master Executive Council Officers, Local Executive Council Officers, and Master Executive Council Committees.

The Negotiations training consisted of many topics critically important to understand, including: the negotiations process under the Railway Labor Act, the importance of Solidarity, presenting a unified front, consistent  communication to the Membership and speaking as one voice. The necessity of recognizing the power in a Labor Union comes from Members speaking with ONE VOICE, and much more.

Key speakers were United Master Executive Council President, Ken Diaz, Negotiating Committee Chairperson, Greg Davidowitch, AFA-CWA General Council, Ed Gilmartin, Attorney/ Professional Negotiator, John Morse, AFA-CWA Director of Collective Bargaining, Joe Burns, Negotiations Support Coordinator, Adam Novish, U-Mass Labor Center Professor, Tom Juravich and AFA-CWA International President, Sara Nelson.

September 2019

Interviewed Master Executive Council Committees

Our Committees have an important support role in negotiations. The Negotiating Committee scheduled interviews with each of the MEC Committees: Benefits, Central Scheduling, Communications, EAP, Grievance, Hotels & Transportation, Reserve, Safety, Health & Security, and Uniform. The Members of these Committees provided the Negotiating Committee useful data regarding the issues and concerns Members are facing.

August 19 -22, 2019

Negotiations Committee Training

University of Massachusetts Advanced Skills

Our Negotiating Committee and Negotiations Support Coordinator attended training at the University of Massachusetts the week of August 19, 2019.

Professor Tom Juravich of the Labor Studies Center conducted the training. Professor Juravich is the Director of the UMass Amherst Labor Relations and Research Center (LRRC), and Director of the LRRC’s Union Leadership and Administration program.

April 2019

Negotiating Committee Elected

The United Master Executive Council, consisting of sixteen Local Council Presidents who elected the three Members of the Negotiating Committee during the Spring 2019 Regular Master Executive Council meeting.

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