Negotiations Support Activist InfoRep

Negotiations Support Activist

The Negotiations Support InfoRep structure is designed to:

  • Spread the facts and combat the rumors intended to divide us.
  • Promote two-way communication between AFA Members and our Negotiating Committee.
  • Build our unity and the power we need to negotiate an agreement that recognizes our contributions.

InfoReps are a front-line source of reliable and factual information and will be some of the first to receive information. The InfoRep structure gives us the ability to quickly share information. Each Local Structure will play a critical role that will ultimately afford us two-way communication of important information in a short period of time.

Some of the base objectives of an InfoRep are to have every Flight Attendant understand the importance of:

  • Remaining informed through Negotiations Updates, AFA E-mails, and contact with their Local Elected Council Officers.
  • Wearing an AFA pin every time they go to work, attend training or a meeting in uniform or street clothes.
  • Discussing with one another, face-to-face, the importance of standing together. This solidarity and where our power comes from in Negotiations!

    Additional Responsibilities of an InfoRep:
  • Be easily approachable by other Flight Attendants.
  • Accurately disseminate information as directed.
  • Maintain confidentiality.
  • Encourage our Flying Partners to sign-up to become involved as a Negotiations Support Activist InfoRep so they can be a part of the two-way communication network between AFA Members and our Negotiating Committee.
  • Remain informed through Negotiations Support InfoRep Updates, AFA E-mails and
  • Wear your AFA pin every time you are on company property and help others do the same.
  • Support solidarity and attend engagement activities.
  • Use the resources available at

How to Identify a InfoRep Volunteer
InfoReps will be identified by a purple InfoRep badge backer that hangs below their crew ID.

Local Council Trainings

Council 38 - NRT
Council 14  - HNL
Council 63 - CLE
Council 8   - ORD
Council 42 - IAH
Council 9   - DEN
Council 6   - EWR
Council 21 -  IAD
Council 12 -  LAX
Council 11 -   SFO

Interested in becoming an InfoRep?
Contact your Local Council President if you are interested in becoming an InfoRep to contribute to the success of our Negotiations.

InfoRep Trainings

InfoRep Local Council Trainings

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