Get Behind Your Pin!


Join Us! Stand with Our Negotiating Committee - Get Behind Your Pin!

The power of Solidarity may not be able to move mountains, but it can certainly move corporations. The negotiations process is important to understand, but it’s even more important to know that we can take these negotiations into our hands and determine the outcome by standing together.
As we begin our negotiations -

Join Us, Stand with Our Negotiating Committee, and Get Behind Your Pin!

Wearing your Union pin each day on the line sends a direct message to management that we stand together. We will not be divided for their benefit at the bargaining table. Management is always watching, so be sure they see our Solidarity.

Wear your AFA pin every time you fly. This is the most powerful way you can demonstrate your commitment to your flying partners. Send a message to everyone that we are dedicated to achieving a new Contract.

We’re fighting today for a better tomorrow. Together we can give our collective voice the power it deserves. Join Us, Stand with our Negotiating Committee and Get Behind Your Pin!

AFA Union Pins are available from your Local Council Representatives. Be sure to contact them today and ask where you can pick one up.

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