Contract 2021 Negotiations – What to Expect

Contract 2021 Negotiations – What to Expect

For many of you, this upcoming round of negotiations will be the first time you participate in the process of contract negotiations. Whether it’s the first experience of your career, or you have been through the Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (JCBA) negotiations, these negotiations will be different. You can expect to receive more communication than you have during past negotiations. Here’s what you can expect.

Amendable Date: Our JCBA has an amendable date of August 28, 2021. We negotiated a provision for a 1-year early opener into the JCBA, which allows us to commence negotiations in August of this year.

Membership Input: Our Negotiating Committee represents the interests and direction provided by the entire Membership. The survey results will be used to determine our collective priorities and guide the Negotiating Committee through the process of writing the Opening Proposal.  Another component of Membership feedback has been the Listening Tour. Throughout the course of Negotiations, you can expect more surveys to help our Negotiating Committee better define your priorities. Additionally, our Negotiations Support Activist InfoReps will continue to gather feedback and questions from Flight Attendants and they’ll ensure that information makes its way to the Negotiating Committee.

Opening Proposal: Once the Union’s Opening Proposal has been presented to the company, it will be available to you. These negotiations are about our collective priorities and it’s important for everyone to understand the negotiations process, what we are negotiating for, and where we are in the negotiations process all along the way. You’ll know, based on the Opening Proposal, what collective priorities were identified in the survey.

One Negotiating Committee: During the negotiations process for the JCBA, each pre-merger airline had their own Members of what was known as the Joint Negotiating Committee, representing the interests of their pre-merger groups. During merger negotiations, the Members of the Joint Negotiating Committee first had to reach internal consensus on the Union’s position when combining the terms of the three separate Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA) prior to that becoming the position of the Union on each particular topic. Now we have common interests and are no longer three different pre-merger groups; we are a unified force of more than 25,000 Flight Attendants.

Communications: You’ll be provided timely, relevant communication every two weeks through Negotiations News, which is the Official Negotiations News source for Contract 2021. Until we start direct negotiations with United, the focus of Negotiations News will be on education and information on how you can get involved in support of our Negotiating Committee. You can expect more transparency, and inclusion as you’re brought along through the entire Negotiations process.