John Morse, Esquire


A graduate of Villanova University and Gonzaga University School of Law, John initially began working for AFA in 2012 as an intern in Government Affairs, but quickly moved to the legal department upon passing the bar exam.

His tenacious nature has been on full display since his days at Gonzaga University, where he excelled as a negotiations champion, served as Captain of the Labor and Employment Law Moot Court Team, and was inducted into the Moot Court Honors Council.

John brings voluminous experience to the table, having played a major role in four different contract negotiations and is immeasurably valuable to our 2021 Contract negotiations. A great example of John's contract negotiation acumen was when he served as chief spokesperson in contract talks with Silver Airways. The agreement that was hammered-out by John and his team passed with a whopping 100% approval from the Membership!

In 2016, John successfully litigated a case in Federal District Court on behalf of the Flight Attendants of Hawaiian Airlines. He personally argued the case and cowrote the brief, resulting in the magistrate's decision to grant the Union's motion for summary judgment, and enforcing an important arbitration award that John and his co-counsel had previously won before the System Board.

Additionally, John has skillfully guided many Flight Attendants cases through the arbitration and mediation processes, gaining reinstatement of employment for dozens of Flight Attendants

Simply put, John's expertise and record of achievement are a tremendous asset to our 2021 Contract Negotiating Committee. We are extremely fortunate and honored to have someone with such vast experience and legal expertise working alongside us.

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