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A hard-working AFA-CWA activist from New York, Greg has been a Flight Attendant since 1988. He loves flying and continues to enjoy exploring on his layovers with his flying partners.

Greg has enjoyed the unanimous support of his peers on numerous occasions, including his election to our current Negotiating Committee. He is expert in various types of negotiations including Interest Based Bargaining and traditional collective bargaining.

Greg is known as an activist and reformer, having served as an AFA EAP representative, LEC Secretary-Treasurer, Local Council President and MEC President. He has attended most Union-offered trainings and has been a member of numerous Union Committees, including Negotiations Policy, Ethical Practices and Organizing.

Early in his career, he served as the liaison and representative on various task teams at United Airlines, including the reorganization of the Crew desk and scheduling departments. Greg pioneered efforts to secure domestic partner benefits. Throughout his career, he has fought for and won improvements in work rules, including significant improvements for reserve, legal rest, grievance handling, job security and compensation.

As Local Council President for United in New York City, Greg faced the greatest tragedy to our members on 9/11 with leadership and a gentle shoulder for grieving Flight Attendants.

Seven months later, his peers on the United MEC elected him as MEC President, where he would continue to face daunting challenges as United was soon in bankruptcy and United Members were under assault from management.

Greg led a team of negotiators who beat back management’s most onerous proposals and when the executives eliminated Flight Attendant pensions, Greg negotiated an alternate retirement plan that cost management double what they planned to pay. Greg faced corporate greed head-on, filing objections that cut executive bonuses and stock bonuses by more than half and ultimately winning on a “Say on Pay” proposal at United. The New York Times Sunday edition featured this fight on corporate greed, and PBS Frontline, hosted by Pulitzer Prize winner Hedrick Smith, featured interviews with Greg on the fight to preserve retiree healthcare. His persistent work on Capitol Hill, including testimony before Congress on a number of important matters such as job security and retirement protections, gave voice for Flight Attendants on bankruptcy reform.

Recognizing the critical importance of contract negotiations, he has always been a source for detailed strategic plans, and passionately believes in the fact that negotiations require the commitment and courage to fight for our Members’ priorities. Greg is the veteran of many negotiations, and has earned the reputation as a fighter, and as a tough and militant negotiator, always standing up and fighting for our Members’ interests.

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