Adam Novish


Adam Novish

Negotiations Support InfoRep Coordinator
Adam Novish is a 16-year veteran of the airline industry, which includes becoming a Flight Attendant for Air Wisconsin in 2003. Subsequently Adam came aboard pre- merger Continental Airlines in 2011. Adam has been a passionate Union activist from the start of his career as a Flight Attendant taking on numerous responsibilities and organizing activities. Adam, has been elected to a variety of positions in our Union over his career including Safety, Health and Security Committee Chairperson, Local Executive Council President, Master Executive Council President and as a Negotiations Committee Member during his time at Air Wisconsin. Adam served once again as a Safety, Health and Security Committee Chairperson at pre-merger Continental. His deep knowledge and Union experience led to his appointment as the Negotiations Support Coordinator, a role he fulfilled during the Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (JCBA) Negotiations. In 2016, Adam was elected to the United Master Executive Council, where he is currently serving as our MEC Vice President. As our Contract Negotiating Committee is gearing up for the rapidly approaching 2021 contract negotiations with the company, Adam will once again utilize his incalculable experience as our 2021 Negotiations Support Coordinator.
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